Why you should go for sterilized packed PPE kits? How are they beneficial?

Why you should go for sterilized packed PPE kits

As the effects of Coronavirus pandemic accelerate and spread across the world, global healthcare systems are facing an increased influx of patients who are seeking preventive testing and care against the effects of COVID-19. To prevent the spread of infection to and from health care workers and patients, the use of personal protective equipment kits or sterilized packed PPE Kits is increasing.

Items such as gloves, face masks, air-purifiers, respirators, gowns, head covers, and goggles among many other items fall under the purview of disposable PPE kits. Formerly quite ubiquitous and disposable in the medical environment, PPE kits have now become a scarce and precious commodity in the wake of the pandemic. An increase in its supply to meet the rising demand is leading to many sub-standard and low-quality protective gear being manufactured that offers little or no protection against infections such as COVID-19. This is why it is critically important to source sterilized packed PPE Kits from authentic sellers.

Based on current evidence, the COVID-19 virus is transmitted between people through close contact and droplets. Airborne transmissions can occur during support treatments and testing procedures, which is why strong preventive and precautionary measures are required to prevent or contain the transmission of the infection. Proper sterilized packaging of the PPE kit keeps it untouched and germ-free.

While we see many communities abroad rapidly entering the crisis mode as the shortage of proper protective gear is giving rise to unhealthy and unconventional solutions for PPE at local healthcare centres and hospitals like using plastic garbage bags for overalls and plastic water bottle cut-outs for eye protection. Makeshift as these solutions might be, they can be dangerous too! Although the use of PPE is the most visible control used to prevent the spread of infection, the absence of sterilization measures can make them as useless as these makeshift solutions.

Considering the rapid spread of Coronavirus, and healthcare and production units having limited prior experience in such a situation, sterilized PPE kit shortages will continue to plague us posing a tremendous challenge to the healthcare system. The scarcity of resources and assessment of risk versus benefit ratio is unequal, going by the current circumstances. We must look at the conservation of existing PPE kits and lookout for hoarding or black-marketing practices. Unfortunately, hoarding of PPE and other similar supplies has occurred during the pandemic and there have been proposals which suggest that rationing or controlling the supply chain through limited channels would do the trick, which is why it is all the more vital that procurement of such equipment is done only from sources that assure authenticity and purity.

How are Sterilized Packed PPE Kits Beneficial?

All kinds of personal protective equipment (PPE) requires to be safe, secure, and sterile before use. It is crucially important for the safety of both patients and medical caregivers at the time of this infectious pandemic to maintain hygiene and safety precautions at all times. As the incidences of this infection rise across countries and boundaries, the healthcare provider demand for these necessities is currently outpacing its supply. And as such, the strategies to enhance the lifecycle of the supply of medical equipment safely and securely is critically important.

Sterilized PPE kits and disposable PPE kits are a mandatory measure to maintain safety and security while tackling with COVID-19 patient rush. It is the need of the hour to provide such PPE kits as fast as possible with high-quality at the foundation. To correctly optimize resources, it is important to educate healthcare workers on what kind of gear they need to use in areas corresponding to the involved risk. It is further important to educate the health workers on the benefits of using sterilized PPE kits, we must make the traders and manufacturing units aware of what is being offered in healthcare centres and hospitals. They should be encouraged to work with doctors and set the right standards by implementing all practices that are necessary for making PPE kits sterilized and risk-free!

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