Why Should You Wear Isolation Overall While Travelling

Why Should You Wear Isolation
In the wake of the pandemic, travelling restrictions have been imposed around the world. From quarantining people to putting a travel ban, all the measures were taken to ensure that the spread of the virus is stopped and the curve is flattened. Now that there have been noticeable relaxations in travel esp. through air, a lot of people are still hesitant about travelling. This skepticism is fair enough. In fact, it is recommended that one must not travel until absolutely necessary. But if one has to travel and cannot avoid doing so, it is only natural to have concerns about safety.
While the airlines and airport authorities are doing their best in ensuring everyone’s safety from conducting mandatory temperature checks and their safe status on the Aarogya Setu app to sanitizing and disinfecting the plane after every flight and providing its passengers with basic safety accessories like face masks, face shields and sanitizers, it is important that passengers comply with these basic norms to have a safe flying experience.
Although the use of PPE kits hasn’t been made mandatory for travelers, it is recommended that people wear them. The isolation overalls not only provide maximum coverage and maximum safety, these overalls are less expensive than the tests and other things that entail post that. The PPE kits are normally used by frontline workers – doctors and their support staff to avoid the transmission of communicable diseases. While you are travelling, you are at the risk of coming face to face with the corona virus.
PPE kits might feel suffocating and exhausting but it is much better than the price one might have to pay after coming in contact with the virus. While most of the passengers who have travelled wearing the PPE kit have mentioned that there is little discomfort while wearing them, they were to quick to realize that they weren’t constantly anxious about exposing themselves to the virus. This holds true if you are travelling by train, bus or by any other means of public transport too.
PPE kits are also a good alternative to COVID-19 negative test results, as in many countries, the Covid19 test is not accessible or affordable. Though the passenger might have to face discomfort, it is an effective way of checking and consequently reducing the transmission of the coronavirus.
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3. Don’t touch your mask once you put it on -

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