PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. This equipment refers to the clothing, goggles, and garments that are designed and used to protect the wearers from any kind of injury, harmful impact, infections or hazards. They are generally used for health and safety purposes in different occupations. In a layman language, they can be referred to as “protective gear”. These kits may include face masks, guards, coveralls, safety footwear, and any other essential safety items.

Workers in various fields of occupation use this gear to reduce the exposure from hazardous elements like contaminated air, chemicals, disease-causing viruses, etc.

There are several workspaces like factories, hospitals, manufacturing units, where the hazardous factors are a constant menace even after the application of engineering controls and safety systems. They can be injurious to the health of the workers and cause various medical issues like breathing problems, injuries, burns, skin damage, etc. PPE kits are important to reduce these kinds of risks and ensure the safety of the employees. They will prevent the vital organs like the eyes and skin of the wearer from coming in contact with anything corrosive or damaging.

The need for PPE is increased due to the looming threat of the Coronavirus. It is especially essential for our healthcare and frontline workers to make use of PPE in these tough times.

There is a need for PPE wherever there is a risk of exposure to any hazardous elements that may be present in the environment. Professionals working in the construction industry, factories, high-risk medical environment, and maintenance staff are a few examples of the people who should use PPE. People who are woodworkers, masons, plumbers, electricians, metal workers, and other kinds of medical technicians must use a PPE kit which is suitable for their respective field to keep themselves safe.

All the Protective gear offered by Arogya Depot is manufactured by following the right quality standards. Currently, we provide the items that are listed below.

  • Heat Seal Taped Cover All
  • Infrared Digital Thermometer
  • Magnun Niosh N95
  • V-4400 n95 niosh venus
  • Honey well FF2100
  • WSX Cup KN95

There are 4 types of masks available. These disposable masks are either flat foldable type or in a conical shape. They are:

  • Magnun Niosh N95
  • V-4400 n95 Niosh venus
  • Honey well FF2100
  • WSX Cup KN95

Yes! They are specially designed for protecting the wearer from airborne particles and liquid contaminating the face. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends it for the frontline workers in the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Sterilization packaging is a medical device that goes under validation testing before being used for healthcare facilities. In antiseptic packaging systems, packaging materials are sterilized to kill microorganisms that are contained in them during the manufacturing or logistics process.

There are 3 kinds of sterilization packages:

  • Flat wrappers
  • Sterilization containers
  • Paper plastic peel pouches

Arogya Depot delivers all its products in sterilized packaging to ensure maximum safety levels.

We are currently providing doorstep delivery of our Protective gear in all parts of India.

The safety and health of our customers is our priority. We follow each safety measure to ensure your safety. Thus, we offer contact-less delivery where you can receive your order without coming in contact with our delivery person.

Currently, the option of customization is not available but soon we will introduce some special services. Stay tuned.

If you are working in an environment that can cause harm to your respiratory system, you should wear a face mask. Many people wear face masks when they are in areas that have a high rate of air pollution.

In the present situation, face masks are more necessary than ever. These masks are efficient tools that can help in preventing the Coronavirus or COVID-19 from spreading. According to WHO, the following should wear a face mask in the current situation.

  • People who are taking care of a patient suffering from the virus.
  • People who are coughing or sneezing

Ensure that you regularly wash and clean your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub. You should know how to wear the mask and the proper way of its disposal.

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