We are experts in protecting your health.

At Arogya Depot we specialize in manufacturing and distribution of face masks and protective gear. Our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) test kits are safe and secure and help the wearer stay protected as needed against COVID-19 virus and any other infection.

Including clothing and different other articles to protect the wearer, a Personal Protective Equipment Kit is necessary in several jurisdictions and a legal obligation too in many areas!

Why Choose us?

We are your partners in ensuring and enhancing personal protection!

Sterilized Packaging

We make use of sterilized packaging for all our PPE products to keep them clean, hygienic and untouched.

Certified Quality

Highest and most reliable quality is the mainstay of all our processes and products.

100% sterility
during delivery

We take extra care during shipping and delivery to ensure the quality and sterility of the products stay intact!

Purity Control
during Production

Our production processes are guided by quality and purity control measures.

Guaranteed Delivery
within 5-10 days

Our guaranteed delivery timelines ensures that your orders are delivered on time and within the promised TAT.